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"I have tried numerous promotional sites over the past few years, and Traffic Seeker delivers on what they promise for your site promotion at an affordable price. I can personally attest to the fact that Traffic Seeker is a high quality portal for generating real traffic to your website."   A.S.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

TSO System Frequently Asked Questions

For FAQ's on TrafficSeeker Version 8 Software, please click here.

How many times should I submit my site?

Our suggestion is that you submit your web site up to 1 time per month to the major search engines, and then up to 1 time per day to the FFA's and smaller directories. If you submit your site to the entire database at least 1 time per month, you will keep your site active with the search engines and increase or maintain your engine positions.

Is it important to submit my site to search engines?

When I search for a company on the Internet using Yahoo, Google or any search engine and the company I search for doesn't appear, they just lost my business. Website's are meant for information, facts, and to generate income. Unless your web site is listed in the search engines, it might as well be invisible to the virtual world.

Over 80% of traffic from the Internet comes from search engines and getting your site listed, optimized, and indexed is one of your most important investments for your online business.

Submitting your site to search engines is one of the most important steps to your success on the Internet.

Does the system work like your website says it does?

Guaranteed! The time savings and money you'll save are just part of the story when using our service. You have everything you need to optimize your site, check your ranking, retrieve keywords for your site, create doorway pages, plus so much more! The system is available for you 24 hours a day 7 days per week. If you have a computer, you have our system right at your fingertips!

What can do for me?

The system will:
  • Increase traffic to your site

  • Generate higher search engine visibility

  • Optimize your web pages

  • Consistently automate your submissions.

When and how long will it take to generate traffic to my site?

We don't know how many hits you'll receive as we don't have a tool to accurately measure this statistic. It all depends on the search engine popularity, the visitors you want to target, and how you optimize your site.

The system makes sure that your site is submitted to over 700,00 search engines, Directories, Link Pages, Online Malls, Classified Sites!

Many of our clients expect to see increased traffic right away but  fail to realize that search engines index over 14,000 new web sites daily. Sometimes it can take up to 4-8 weeks for some search engines to index websites and this includes your website as well. You must be patient and keep on submitting your site consistently. Eventually, you'll see your site indexed, you'll start to receive a higher rank, and you'll see increased web site traffic.

Is submitting to search engines hard to do?

Back in the days, I used to manually submit my websites to different search engines and what a headache that turned out to be. This is the hard way to do it and could take months to do.

The system is so powerful that it submits to over 700,00 search engines, Directories, Link Pages, Online Malls, Classified Sites! You can setup your site, select your search engines, and submit your site in less than 5 minutes. The best part about it is that it can automate your submissions monthly with no intervention from you. Now that's powerful! Where else can you find such power for only $14.99 per month. That's equal to only 50 cents per day. An investment of 50 cents per day can make a big difference for your online success.

Is easy to use? is efficient, powerful, and completely automated. It takes an average of 3-5 minutes to add your domain (website) to a new campaign. Once you've added it, the system does all the rest! Set up your submission schedule and you'll NEVER have to worry about resubmitting your site again.

You can add, edit, remove or add a new domain to submit at any time. You can also view reports and see exactly where you were submitted to and then verify that all in one easy step! Don't take someone else's word that you were submitted... KNOW you were!!

Our Scheduler will let YOU determine how often your site is submitted. We offer guidelines on resubmissions, but we allow YOU to determine what's best for your site! Set up your campaign 1 time and NEVER worry about resubmitting your site again. Remember, Consistent submissions to the engines is the most recommended way to get a better listing!

Do you offer a guarantee?

We know our system works and we back it up with a 30 day money back guarantee. We cannot guarantee that you'll receive a top ten ranking in search engines, but we do promise that everything we mentioned in these FAQ's and our website is everything you'll receive with our powerful system.

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This easy to use software (TrafficSeeker) allows you to add/edit/remove your own engines and create custom databases so you have complete control over your submissions. The easiest submission utility I have used yet" Tucows - 5 Cows

"TrafficSeeker Pro is a valuable tool that automates the process of instantly submitting your website to over 750,000 submission sites."        5 Stars - ZDNET




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