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Our latest Testimonial reads:

"I have tried numerous promotional sites over the past few years, and Traffic Seeker delivers on what they promise for your site promotion at an affordable price. I can personally attest to the fact that Traffic Seeker is a high quality portal for generating real traffic to your website."   A.S.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Submission Tips


Here's a few tips on Search Engine marketing. Please don't forget to visit our FAQ's Center if you have any further questions.

Tip #1 - Don't be fooled by cheap submission software

These submission software applications are made quickly by some "fly by the night" programmer looking for a quick buck. Most of the time you're site will not even be submitted and many of these programs have severe bugs in them. Don't waste your money. Use a reliable company with a reliable website and reliable software. We recommend our highly rated TSO System. Our testimonials say it all.

Tip #2 - Be cautious about companies submitting your site for you

Many of these companies don't even submit your site to all of the promised search engines and FFA's. Not only that, they might promise to optimize your site with their own optimization tools. Are they really doing the work? Do they send you reports on the work they've done or the engines they've supposedly submitted to? Why not simplify the unknown by knowing for a fact your site has been submitted. How? Use the amazing TSO System and submit your site with ease. You'll also receive full access to all of our search engine optimization tools to optimize your site for a higher ranking.

Tip #3 - Make sure you have access to search engine optimization tools

Submitting your site is an excellent way to expose your site to the public but using handy search engine optimization tools is a very valuable asset to receive the highest ranking possible within the search engines. Do you have access to a meta tag creator or a keyword generator so you can see which keywords are most popular? Do you know what your ranking is now or what it will be in a year from now? Does your submission software company offer these tools with their software? If so, you're on the right track to finding not only the right submission company but also taking advantage of these handy tools so you can increase your search engine ranking. Again, find a reliable company that offers these tools with their software. If the search engine submission company does not offer these tools with their software, we recommend that you stay away and save your hard earned cash!

Tip #4 - Submit to as many search engines, directories and other popular indices.

We've seem some services say that submitting your site to the top 10 search engines is enough. Yes, most traffic is generated from these engines but what most people don't know is that major search engines, directories, and FFA links use the links to your site from other sites as a determining factor towards the relevancy your site gets in keyword search queries. So submit your site to over 1,000,000 search engines, directories, classified ads, etc. and take advantage of linking to as many of these other search engines, directories, and FFA links as possible.

Tip #5 - Submit your site more than one time.

A site could be bumped by new sites or removed at any time. Search engines are becoming more reliable, but they still may lose your information from time to time. It's important that when changes are made to your site, you should submit your site again.

Tip #6 - Submit your site monthly to search engines.

Our suggestion is that you submit your web site up to 1 time per month to the major search engines, and then up to 1 time per day to the FFA's and smaller directories. If you submit your site to the entire database at least 1 time per month, you will keep your site active with the search engines and increase or maintain your engine positions

Tip #7 - Use a reliable service - We take pride in our software. With your purchase of TrafficSeeker software or subscription to our TSO System, you'll receive:

Complete Automation! Set up your campaign 1 time and the system will resubmit your site for you on the most effective submission schedule to get your website indexed! Our Scheduler will let YOU determine how often your site is submitted. Remember, Consistent submissions to the engines is the most recommended way to get a better listing!

The largest and most up-to-date submission database on the Net! We update our engines 3 times per month, so your site is ALWAYS being submitted properly.

Save Time and Increase Traffic! It takes an average of 3-5 minutes to add your domain to a new campaign. Once you've added it, the system does all the rest! Set up your submission schedule and NEVER have to worry about resubmitting your site again.

Control over your submissions! You can add, edit, remove or add a new domain to submit at any time. You can also view reports and see exactly where you were submitted to and then verify that all in one easy step! Don't take someone else's word that you were submitted... KNOW you were!!

No Autoresponder Spam! We will eliminate ALL SPAM from ever reaching your email box! Of course, if you want to view them you can as well, but we've made it SUPER EASY to divert all spam!

Spider your entire domain! Our system will add each and every page from your website with 1 click! You can then choose to submit any of the pages it finds. Choose 1 or choose's up to you!

Emailed Reports! Once your submission has completed, we will email your report to whomever you choose. The report will give detailed information on who you submitted to, when it was submitted and whether it was a successful submission or not.

Cost Effective! You only pay for what you submit!

The Best SEO Tools Available! Automated Doorway Page Generator, Meta Tag Generator, Ranking and Reporting, Keyword Analyzer, Popularity Checker, Plus so much more!

Start generating traffic now and get your site ranked today!! Login to your members section, and subscribe to our TSO System starting at only $14.99. Or purchase our TrafficSeeker Software and submit as many times without worrying about monthly subscriptions. We give you two choices to satisfy your submission needs. Receive FULL power today!! is a Complete Traffic Generating Machine!! 

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This easy to use software (TrafficSeeker) allows you to add/edit/remove your own engines and create custom databases so you have complete control over your submissions. The easiest submission utility I have used yet" Tucows - 5 Cows

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